Tuesday, August 14, 2007

cinnamon nut roll 7x5.5

Tomorrow will be the one-year anniversary of the beginning of this blog and this is the 365th painting. I made a commitment to give my best effort each day and I think it's paid off. I'm painting much closer to how I want to be painting now. In the last year I've learned a lot. Taking time to observe something carefully each day has been a great experience. I've managed to paint a few pretty dreadful pieces as well, but sometimes you learn more from those than from the ones you like. I'd like to thank everyone who visits this blog and especially those of you who took the time to make a comment. I don't always reply to them, but I always appreciate getting them. I'd also like to thank all of the other painters out there who are regularly posting their paintings. There are quite a few blogs that I visit for inspiration. This is really fun. I think I'll keep doing it.
I picked this up at Karen's Bakery over in Folsom. Her shop is filled with wonderful baked goods, that are great for painting. They happen to taste great too. They also one of my favorite breakfast places.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your project to "paint faster than the speed of time"!!

I'm was hoping for one more painting of a Fire Hydrant to give us a full circle ending... but a mailbox or a garbage can would serve just as well. I'm thinking of starting a new astrology cult based on your year of paintings. For instance, someone born on the day of the Tomato Jar would be born with a dangerous level of unrealized scientific potential.

Take a break, you deserve it!

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh Yum! Looking forward to showing N3S. I am a bit sad this is over and a bit crioss with myself for not warning N3S that it would come to an end, that is going to be tricky as I think he thinks you paint for his viewing pleasure and will continue to do so forever...

Sharon Henson said...

I have been following your work since March. You have given me inspiration and much joy as I followed your blog daily. I am a new blogger and find painting almost everyday...... challenging,frustrating, and rewarding. Thanks for bring good art to the world and I do how you keep this blog going. CONGRATULATION on # 365!!!!!!!

Jared Shear said...

WOW Craig!!!....way to go. It must be a great feeling....and I'm glad you are carrying it on further. I think about what I will do after I've reached that 365th painting, now that it has become such a part of my daily life, so I'm sure I will find a new project to fill that void. I know in my case though, and it sounds like your case as well, that it has been probably one of the most beneficial things for my artwork I have ever done.
To 1000 and beyond!!