Sunday, August 26, 2007

carabiner 5.5x7

This is an old Chouinard oval cararbiner . I've always though these ones were the most iconic even though other designs are probably more popular. I am reminded of the story of the pop artist Jasper Johns who was making a bronze cast of a common flashlight. Johns had this idea in his head of what a generic flashlight ought to look like but when he set out to find a light that fit his mental image he was unable to find one. They all seemed to have some element of individuality that set them apart from the others. The story goes that he had to search for several days before he found what he considered to be a "common" flashlight. Anyhow, although this is an old design and even in its day it was probably not the most popular carabiner on the market, it is what I instantly think of when I hear the word carabiner. My apologies to non-climbers who may have suffered through the preceding paragraph looking for something to care about ;-)

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