Wednesday, July 18, 2007

feather 6x6

I was up visiting my mother a couple of weeks ago with my family. We were all outside enjoying a summer barbeque when all of the dogs (my mom has two, my sister has one and we have one) charged the barn. They were all barking like maniacs and my mom's chickens were appropriately panicked. All the humans gave chase hoping to avert a catastrophe. My mom's two dogs and my sister's were dissuaded with relative ease. Sassy, our Jack Russell terrier ignored us all. She cornered a hen between the barn and a fence. I was the closest to the scene but on the wrong side of said fence. Feathers were flying everywhere. I was sure my little mutt was about to commit murder. I yelled at her and kicked the fence in a panic. Amazingly, she dropped the chicken and ran back down to the house. I looked at the pile of feathers Sassy had pulled from the poor hen and thought nothing could survive that trauma but when we found the chicken in question she was just fine. It was even hard to see where the feathers were missing. I grabbed a few intending to paint them later. This is one of them.


wanda knight said...

Love the color combination. Also the story.

Trailride said...

Excellent likeness of a Barred Rock feather. Great job!