Sunday, July 01, 2007

grapefruit #2 5.75x5.75

This is a nice time of year for produce. Pretty much everything I see looks paintable. This half grapefruit is no exception.
I was thinking about this painting routine that I've developed and I realized a couple of things. I wasn't really painting before I started doing this. I might demo something in my classroom or do some lettering (sign painting) on a weekend but that was pretty much it. I kept thinking that these little paintings would lead to something more ambitious but it turns out I'm quite content to do them as an end in themselves. It's very satisfying to finish a piece and having a deadline each day serves as a sort of fail-safe that usually keeps me from overworking things. It's fun.

1 comment:

DJ Kirkby said...

An excellent painting yet again. Looks really yummy, my mom eats a lot of grapefruit and I could smell hers while looking at this painting.