Saturday, July 21, 2007

city 7x5.5

This painting is a complete departure from what I normally do on this blog. It's a made up cityscape that I painted from a variety of references. I'm painting a very large mural for a friend's restaurant and I needed to do a color study to help me figure out how to handle it. Doing a small piece like this really helps me make sense of what's going on in a larger piece even though it will probably change as I paint the mural. It was fun to sort of make things up as I went along for a change. I am too often held captive by what is sitting in front of me.

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DJ Kirkby said...

Hey! I like this! Number 3 son says it is 'too bright' (I think that means the contrast between light and dark is effective, but which causes sensory overload for him as he tries to process the image...)