Wednesday, April 30, 2008

head study #7 5x7

I got off work a bit late this afternoon and didn't get around to painting until later this evening. It was dark and I was tired.


Chuck Law said...

It was late, you were tired, but still you made your quota! Your adherence to a principle is quite admirable, Craig. I'm curious.. have you ever missed a day since you started?
This portrait didn't need the lead in tells it all.

craigstephens said...

Thanks Chuck!
I haven't missed a day since I started. It's become a habit that I enjoy very much. I've gotten to the point where I like doing it even if my head isn't in it. The challenge for me is to focus and do my best no matter what. I think I've learned more than I would have if I only painted when I was into it or when it was convenient. I've posted a few pretty bad paintings but that's all part of the process. Sometimes bad paintings help you figure stuff out better than the ones that turn out o.k.