Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sloughhouse sunrise 9x12

I got up pretty early to do this one. It was worth it. The sky was a great color and it wasn't hot yet.


Becky Drees said...

Georgeous sky.

craigstephens said...

Thanks Becky.

Marleen said...

Congratulations on the Juror selection for the KVIE Art Auction. I'm proud to know that I admired your work before they did!
I see you are getting down to Sloughhouse. I think I have to get up much earlier than I thought to capture the light. That is the serene moment.
Marleen Merchant

Rancho Murieta Online said...

Great painting. I know the scene well. :)

craigstephens said...

Thanks Marleen and Rancho!
This is one of my favorite places to paint. I am looking forward to getting over there in the autumn