Saturday, June 28, 2008

bluff nocturne 8x6

It's hot and smoky during the day but the nights are pleasant. There was even a little bit of a breeze this evening.


Honey P. Amplegood said...

I love this. Your palette sort of, ...relaxes my whole face. Does that make sense?

craigstephens said...

It make sense to me! Thank you.

James Gurney said...

Great nocturne. Did you do it with an LED light? I've seen those headlamps advertised in the plein air catalogs. Have you tried them?

craigstephens said...

Thanks James!
I've never tried a head lamp. I did this with a little clamp on LED on a flexible goose neck. I mixed my palette before I went out. The LED is pretty dim and I can mostly just see values with it. The colors in this are pretty subtle and I wanted to get them close to what I wanted under better lighting.