Tuesday, January 26, 2010

lemon, avocado, creamer 11x14

This is a pretty large painting for me at 11x14. It took a few days to complete.


Princess Promenade said...


Marleen said...

Hi just saw Sandy's semi-annual newsletter and at the bottom was a post on your show at Elliott Fouts. Way, to go! Glad to have met you when I saw your site on daily painting in 2007 or there about. This one is the painting in the show. I admire the way you catch reflections in water and on the silver pitcher. Your still life inspire me to continue to paint what I see around the house or garden.... a wealth of things to inspire, Marleen

Ana said...

This is amazing!
I don't know what to choose.
The more I see the more I get confused.
Great one.