Friday, February 02, 2007

Sacramento Bee article

The Sacramento Bee ran a nice article featuring my daily painting project yesterday. You can read it here.


Justin Clayton said...

Congrats Craig, that's a great article. I enjoyed learning more about the artist behind the paintings!

It was interesting to read that you and Keiser met at a karate event. What I want to know is....Keiser vs. Stephens in a match, who wins?


Anonymous said...

After my husband took your painting back, I forgot to write to you to let you know that I like your actual painting so much more than the picture on the internet. The paint is viscous and it has a sense of tactility to it, almost like icing on a cake. It is beautiful, great job.
Also, congratulations on the newspaper article, nice write-up.

Paul Hutchinson said...

Nice article! Congratulations! I hope it brings in lots of interest and customers for your work. It deserves it!