Tuesday, May 18, 2010

She-Ra 6x8

This is a gift for one of our teacher's who is retiring this year. I don't usually start with a tight drawing but in this case I needed to get the likeness of a specific dog.

After the drawing I do a loose under painting.

After the under painting It's just a matter of blocking in the fur color. I try to make an interesting combination of warm and cool values while maintaining the dog's likeness.

once the pooch has been blocked in I paint in the background. Sometimes I will start putting in the background sooner so I can adjust the other colors to the dark value that will be surrounding them. In this case, I chose not to do that. During this phase I try to pay close attention to my edges.


Tonja said...

This is really cool - I like that you explained how you create!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I enjoy seeing the lighter background with the added darkening stages.

Nice gift!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'm also addicted to the the director's commentary feature at the end of DVD movies.