Thursday, March 20, 2008

figure study 8x11

I went down to Terry Miura's studio for an open figure painting session tonight. I had been planning on going for a while but only just got around to it. I had a great time. I haven't painted a from a model like this since I was in college. The other artists were very welcoming and I'm really looking forward to the next session. For me, painting has been a pretty solitary endeavor. It was great fun to be doing it with a roomful of like minded individuals for a change. Thanks Terry (and every one else I met tonight)! This photo has quite a bit of glare. If I can take a better one tomorrow, I'll replace this.


Terry said...

Craig, Glad you could make it, and had a good time! Wasn't that a great bunch of people to hang out with?
come again~ you're always welcome at my studio!

craigstephens said...

Thanks Terry. I'll definitely be back!

DJ Kirkby said...

Hey this was an interesting suprise! I like it.