Thursday, January 31, 2008

large fries 7x7

I think that this is arguably the most iconic still life that I've ever painted. It comes with all kinds of socio-political, economic and nutritional baggage. I did paint it but I want to make clear that I do not advocate eating food like this on a regular basis. These fries went uneaten, sacrificed at the altar of high art.


Anonymous said...


Damn you for painting all the foods I love!! God forbid you do chicken McNuggets or red licorice (hint, hint). You have quite a following forming in Seattle (my bud just won the pear painting and is thrilled). The portrait of my hairdresser and boyfriend is pure brillnace, and I can't wait to see how you have zombified Krista. Thanks for your dedication. I admire your love of art and the process!!


Anonymous said...

I haven't eaten French fries in years, but after viewing this painting, I bought some and ate them. Would it have been healthier to eat the painting instead?