Saturday, December 22, 2007

cupcake 6x6

I have been enjoying painting these processed junky foods lately. I do like to include some packaging some of the time. In the case of these cupcakes though, the packaging was kind of lame. It was just a brown plastic holder for the two cupcakes covered by a clear cellophane membrane with some lettering on it. If it had been foil or had some brighter colors I would have probably included it. I do like the way it worked out though. A Hostess Cupcake is so iconic you really don't need much else. The silly white loops of frosting across the top are enough to immediately identify them.


Kathy Cootie said...

While cruising Ebay I stumbled upon your work.. I am smitten (and hooked)!! Fabulous little paintings AND zombie portraits from one individual!!?? All my friends are getting zombified versions of themselves for their birthdays this coming year. Thanks for the wonderful art (and for simplifying my shopping in 2008)!

craigstephens said...

Thank you so much for the nice feedback!

Kathy Cootie said...

I just bid on, and won, the hostess cupcake painting. Very exciting! I noticed that you didn't make note of the "experience" of painting the cupcake in your blog. Would love to hear any snippet in connection to painting this particular piece as it will be fun to share your whole story, and hostess moment, with friends.