Thursday, October 19, 2006

succulent 6"x7"

I really enjoyed the cactus I painted a few weeks ago. I bought this one at Eisley's Nursery in Auburn, CA. It cost me $1.95. That's almost twice as much as the one I got at the 99 cent store. It was still worth every cent.


Anonymous said...

Great paintings. They are realistic and warm yet simple and clean.
A question: How can you do a painting each day and then put it up for sale? Don't oils take a while to dry? Do you varnish?
Thanks, David

craigstephens said...

I put them up for auction on eBay. I do a seven-day auction and most of them are dry by then. Some colors take longer to dry than others and in those cases I might need to wait a couple more days before shipping the painting.
I don't coat over the paintings with anything after they're done. Sometimes I use a painting medium made from dammar varnish, stand oil and turpentine. It can sometimes dry pretty slowly depending on the pigment that it's mixed with. So far the slowest drying painting I've done took about two weeks to dry completely.

Amy said...

Hi Craig! Even though I am no longer at The Black Cow Gallery, I still check up on your work occasionally....I have to say that this one is amazing...I'm a plant fanatic! I know someone that would love to have this. If I wanted to buy it as a gift, would it be possible to have it framed? (for an extra fee, of course) I hope that all is going well....I really do enjoy your work!

-Amy Timmons :)

craigstephens said...

Amy framing would be no problem. Go ahead and email me so we can work out the details.